online ministry resources from East West When the Lord gave me the idea of creating three new websites, it seemed impossible. It turned out to be quite the adventure! Two years ago, building a website was “outer space” to me. Now what seemed impossible, and felt impossible along the way, has finally become reality! Only the Lord’s hand and an excellent team could have accomplished it.
These websites express the culmination of 6 decades of ministry!
ALL of our training and resources…including 35 English books, many in 16 languages, plus multiple videos and audios are available to anyone—FREE.
We invite you to engage and explore all three websites.
Barry St Clair—
Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Online—
Parent Fuel—
Our hope and prayer is that these websites will address three vital needs to…
Resource and Train Younger Generation Leaders Globally
Reach & Disciple 2.3 Billion Young People Who Need to Know Jesus
Encourage and Equip Parents to Lead Their Kids

This blog is taken from a newsletter from Barry St. Clair, Vice-President of Global Youth Engagement with East-West Ministries. Learn more about this organization here: EASTWEST.ORG

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