Middle East participants in ministry training

It is hard to wrap our minds around. Over 2 billion young people around the world who have never heard about Jesus Christ and the salvation He brings. It is heartbreaking to see so many in this generation of young people who are walking in spiritual darkness. First Priority Global has a plan to reach this massive global generation with the good news of the Gospel.

The Plan

Let me briefly share with you how First Priority Global desires to impact the very future of nations. Our team believes that the greatest influence on a young person is another young person. Therefore, we desire to see God radically touch a young person’s life. We want them to know and understand what they believe. We want them to be riven to impact their own generation for Jesus Christ.

First Priority Global seeks to partner with local Christian leaders in every community and every nation in the world. Our goal is to equip a generation of young people to both live out and share their faith with their friends. We want these Christian leaders to raise Christian youth who will be Missionaries, Ministers, and Messengers of the Gospel to their generation.

It is true. If you want to impact the future and direction of a nation, you need many messengers who are willing to make disciples among their peers. That is what the First Priority Strategy has the potential to do in every nation in the world. It is generating a lot of excitement in each of our global regions. Local Christian leaders see their young people go from being just church attendees to participating in the Great Commission. What a blessing!

Thank you for standing with us and praying for our team as we engage in this spiritual war for the Next Generation. 

The Praises

Thankfully we have been able to see God working in some amazing ways. We praise Him for:
  • Young people are being saved and growing into strong Christian leaders in each of the regions we serve.
  • New ministry connections from the Malta BlueMed Consult into the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Adding to our South and Central America team and giving them new open doors to train leaders in their region.
  • New open doors for First Priority Global and teams developing in Eurasia, China, and Russia.
  • The Launching of First Priority’s kid strategy called “Jesus Said Kids” in a few of our regions.

The Prayers

Thank you for fervently asking God to:
  • Financially bless First Priority Global so we can continue to be a blessing to the church in every nation
  • Give our Middle East and North Africa team favor and wisdom as we seek God’s direction in Lebanon and Iraq.
  • Continue building strong teams in each of our regions and give us favor as we engage new leaders in new nations.
  • Lead strong leaders in Europe who have a desire to mobilize Christian teenagers to be Missionaries to their generation.
  • Raise up young people around the world who desire to be Missionaries, Ministers and Messengers of the Gospel to their friends.

Middle East

Thank you for praying for our First Priority Team here in the Middle East. Partnering with Christian leaders in our nation, we are encouraged by their observation of the importance of the First Priority Strategy. In their own words, one of the most encouraging things they observe is when a Christian young person feels empowered to lead their peers within their church through the training each week. Young leaders are raised in each church and given the chance to impact other young people weekly in their generation. They feel a great responsibility to love and serve their friends through the First Priority Strategy.

After one of our recent trainings, the youth distributed Bible passages with chocolate to build common ground with other students. Thank you for continuing to pray for the young people in our nation. Despite Jordan being primarily a Muslim nation, our Christian young people are gaining boldness as they lead in implementing the First Priority Strategy each week through their church. That impact overflows into their everyday life in the community and at school.

This blog is taken from a ministry update sent out by Brian Waters, a Regional Director with First Priority Global. Learn more about this organization here: FIRSTPRIORITY.GLOBAL

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