Educating and equipping today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders for Christ.

Description of Training

Global Youth Ministry is a multi-faceted ministry organization with focus on educating and equipping today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders for Christ here at home and on the missions field.

Equipping the Next Generation

The need among the world’s youth is critical, and cooperative action is essential. Who will reach these young people? We believe your youth group can help in a significant way! You may not be able to reach 2.1 billion youth, but you can help reach youth in your community!

The future is in the hands of the young, but equipping of the young to live responsibly is in our hands now! Global Youth Ministry provides leadership resources and training through curriculum, leadership conferences, camps, cross-cultural missions, overseas mentoring and the Institute for Global Youth Studies. There is much we can do to lead the way in reaching the youth of the nations. Let’s act now—together—to bring hope to the young…now!

Our Values

Equipping Values

We value the Great Commitment to live holy and godly lives.

  • Christian faith is a maturing process, all grow through certain stages of spiritual development (1 Jn. 2).
  • The Bible is our standard.
  • Prayer energizes our work.
Evangelism Values

We value the Great Commission to grip the globe with the gospel!

  • Action: Everyone is a missionary, first to his own Jerusalem, then to the uttermost parts of the earth.
  • Focus: Our task is finish the job of taking the gospel to the globe.
  • Integrity: We are accountable to an untrusting world; we meet our financial obligations as agreed. We do what is right. We are consistent. We are trustworthy, and keep our word.
Encouraging Values

We value the Great Commandment to love our brothers and prepare for the return of the Bridegroom.

  • Relationship: We value team. We prize the family. We value commitment to each other. We define expectations of others. We invest in people. We acknowledge the gifts and abilities of others. We protect each other. We value laughter and fun. We prize service.
  • Excellence: We are committed to quality. We value effectiveness over efficiency. We learn from failure.
  • Worship: We bring glory to God.

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