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globalLead exists to serve those in ministry through trainings and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication.

Description of Training

Every session involves the use of Biblical and globally transferable principles. Sessions include Biblical foundations, practical application (discussions with peers) and planning with your team to create specific goals.

At globalLead we know that a long-term training strategy is the best approach to have a deep and widening impact. We desire to partner with groups of youth ministry leaders in a denominational or national church alliance that is looking to develop an entire group of Christian youth leaders and to create a team of trainers within their existing structure so that the multiplication of youth leadership can occur with local trainers and input.

We develop Christian youth leaders through a series of seminars so that they will be able to develop, train and mobilize other youth and youth ministers/pastors.

We believe that this works best in a process that utilizes the following characteristics:

1. Biblical ministry principles that are proven to be transferable across all cultures and all time.

2. Practical examples are used for the participants to discover ways to implement the principles. These examples are provided from the trainers, but also through group interactions.

3. Time is also set aside for the seminar participants to put their ideas and plans into writing. This enables the youth leader and the youth ministry team, along with an accompanying pastor, to have a strategic plan for one entire year of ministry.

4. Follow up and encouragement is provided through our Youth Connections training articles as well as the next levels of training.

5. We strongly encourage those involved in the training to establish a youth leaders network with those who attended, for the purposes of sharing ideas, struggles, concerns and victories together in ministry.

6. We provide additional advanced training, our Level 2, that assists  leaders to evaluate and further develop their ministry plans and to process past successes and challenges as they learn from the experienced trainers and the participants.

7. We believe in developing skills in leaders but also the heart of the leader as well. Our trainings engage not only teaching the leaders skills for outward ministry, but an opportunity for them to engage themselves in positioning their life and soul before God for further spiritual formation for themselves as as well.

Impact Story

In the past 25 years, globalLead has trained over 25,000 ministry leaders from 53 different countries. The end goal of the ministry of globalLead is the multiplication of national trainers to impact their spheres of influence.

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