Our mission is to evangelize and disciple the world’s youth through the local church by “Training the Trainers” of indigenous Youth Leaders.

Description of Training

Youth Ministry International’s purpose is to reach the 2.5 billion youth in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to provide, through academic training, the experts and professionals in youth ministry that a country can use to create their own national youth ministry movement.

Our mission is to work with national seminaries and provide the academic training at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and even Doctoral levels needed to reach that purpose and that goal. If you are interested in becoming an expert and a professional in local church youth ministry then please contact us for training near you.

YMI has trained over 20,000 Youth Workers
in over 40 Countries

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Formal Training Programs
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Churches Involved

To have an impact beyond the academic, YMI partners with and collaborates with the Global Youth Coalition. Through our combined focus and resources we have an even greater impact that extends our involvement into informal local church youth ministry training.  YMI is also a major promoter and strategic developer for Saturation Multiplication Training for national local church youth leaders. If necessary, we will help train youth leaders in cooperation with the local church to plant new youth churches.

YMI Provides training in these countries

YMI Training Opportunities

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YMI offers formal academic youth ministry training at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Training Offered: Academics Training Location: Ogbomoso, Nigeria

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