From Schoolteacher to Youth Leader to Church Planter!

Alexander (“Ali”) Saserio went from being a schoolteacher and playing soccer in the backyard, to becoming a pastor and Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Eagle Leader in Cuba. He was passionate about ministering to the young people in his church, but felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.  Ali heard about JFYM and went to a Forum. He learned how to develop a plan for his youth ministry, create a culture of discipleship, build a team, and delegate responsibilities. His church became more focused than ever on discipling students and creating outreach opportunities. They are consistently reaching out to the lost young people in their town.

Now, Ali is following God’s call to plant a new church. Because he faithfully implemented JFYM, there is a team of volunteers in his former church who remain focused on following through with the principles they learned together.

Our Cuban leadership team has created a “JFYM Follow-Up Program” of which Ali is a part. As a result, Ali is now coaching/discipling a team of trained leaders collectively from his former church, his current church, and other local churches.

Ali is grateful for the Christ-centered relational and practical training he received from JFYM. He says that he has observed the difference Christ can make in the lives of young people when leaders and parents faithfully implement the JFYM principles that they learned during the Forum.

Will you prayerfully consider joining us by becoming a financial partner with us to train and equip more of these leaders around the world who have a passion for reaching the younger generation for Christ?

This blog is taken from a ministry update by Randy Riggins, President of Reach Out Youth Solutions. Learn more about this organization here: REACH-OUT.ORG

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