leaders in Kenya for JFYM

We never tire of making disciples. It’s the hallmark of our ministry emphasis and the best way we know to spread the gospel exponentially.

When our ministry friend, Mike Curry, makes his bi-annual trek to Kenya, we always read his inspiring daily journals. He fills them with stories of feeding thousands and equipping pastors to disciple them. In 1984, Mike joined me on my first trip to Romania, where the Lord gave him a vision and passion for disciple-making. Later, the Lord gave him a laser focus on Kenya. In his April newsletter, he wrote:

“Make disciples. Don’t settle for ‘decisions.’ We use a discipleship model I learned 40 years ago from Barry St. Clair. As a youth pastor, I built our youth ministry on “I do it…I do it and they are with me…They do it and I am with them…They do it and I am in the background to encourage.” And, for the past 19 years now, we have been discipling leaders in East Africa using this same model. God is using the model because He invented the model! God just gave Barry the wisdom to discover it and the insight to translate it into our modern religious culture and vernacular. Big smile over this!”

Like Mike Curry, Charles Juma has focused on making disciples by training youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry for over 25 years. Then several years ago Charles’ younger brother, Mark, joined our Africa team to lead Kenya. Charles, Mark and I are three brothers connected at the heart with a passion to equip youth leaders. They have used the JFYM “Introduce, Implement, and Multiply” strategy over the years in more than 10 countries in Africa.

leaders in Kenya for JFYM

Recently the “Multiply” phase has accelerated rapidly because we now concentrate more on raising up “Trainers of Trainers” (TOTs). Nine trainings have already occurred this year—with TOTs gaining experience in conducting the training sessions. We have 10 more in 2024. You would be amazed—as we are—if we sent you all of the reports of the multiplying training through the TOTs!

leaders in Kenya for JFYM

Here is one abbreviated report from a remote place called Sereolipi in Samburu County, Kenya. (And if you want the full report directly from Mark, click here. For more photos, here.)

The training convened a diverse group of 108 participants, including ten experienced facilitators/TOTs—who have already implemented JFYM in their churches—from various parts of the broader Samburu region. The training sessions delved into the important topics central to JFYM, with each led by a seasoned TOT.

One leader said, “The Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Training at Sereolipi Full Gospel Church was met with enthusiasm, appreciation, and had a profound significance for the youth and youth leaders of this region. Amidst the multifaceted challenges they face, the JFYM training served as a beacon of hope, offering a platform for spiritual nourishment, mentorship, and skill development. By addressing the unique needs of the leaders, the training aimed to empower them with the tools and knowledge necessary to spiritually propel them toward reaching and discipling the younger generation for Christ.”

The host pastor, Francis Lenkolol, expressed the desire for more JFYM training. “On behalf of these leaders, I thank God for JFYM. I believe the leaders have been immensely equipped to multiply. Thank you, Mark Juma for bringing these able trainers to tell us the good news of youth ministry. Please thank the donors on behalf of these leaders.”

Added to the 9 JFYM Kenya trainings already conducted in 2024 we will conduct 10 more—approximately 1,000 youth leaders trained. If each leader disciples only 5 students, over 5,000 young people in Samburu County will discover how to trust and follow Jesus as Lord! We serve a miracle-God! And as Pastor Francis said… ”Thanks to you—the donors”—on behalf of these leaders!”

This blog is taken from a newsletter from Barry St. Clair, Vice-President of Global Youth Engagement with East-West Ministries. Learn more about this organization here: EASTWEST.ORG

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