Emmanuel’s Story

Zambia people posing for a photo. Hear Emmanuel’s Story: a young man, broken by despair, a danger to himself and those around him, and then transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of First Priority Global.

“My name is Emmanuel Mulilo. I stopped school in the ninth grade due to lack of funds. This brought anger and despair into my life. Surrounded by much peer pressure, I joined my friends drinking beer, smoking marijuana, and taking many other dangerous drugs. I got used to that kind of life. I saw everything to be normal, and did not realize that I had become a nuisance in the community.

Insults and abusive language were as sweet as honey in my mouth. I did not respect anyone regardless of their age. Sadly, I became a threat to nearly everyone around me. Things became so difficult that I seriously considered taking my own life.

Fortunately, I was saved through the ministry of First Priority Zambia while this group of teenagers were out serving and blessing the community. One day, as I was seated with my friends at our base, we saw a group of people well-dressed in First Priority T-shirts with smiles on their faces. They extended their hand of fellowship and greeted each one of us.

Surprised by their gesture, I asked them to explain what First Priority is and does. While a few of them were explaining, another from their group went to buy bread and soda for us. Before we could start eating, one of their team members asked us to join them in prayer.

As we were eating, Charles answered our questions and shared a Gospel message of hope with our group. That day, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and trusted Him as my Lord and personal Savior.

I want to thank First Priority Zambia for their effort to share the Hope of Christ with me. As a result, I have hope, for I’m a new creation and no longer a threat to my family and the community. I’m delighted to serve with First Priority as an ambassador of hope to my generation.”

This blog is taken from a ministry update sent out by Brian Waters, a Regional Director with First Priority Global. Learn more about this organization here: FIRSTPRIORITY.GLOBAL

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