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United by common vision and values, the Global Youth Coalition engages in unleashing a global, Gospel-centered movement of Christ-like, disciple-making, multiplying ministries among younger generation leaders to reach 2.3 billion young people. We train the trainers by equipping local church youth ministry leaders in biblical strategies through partnerships with new and existing ministries.



The combined experience and results of the GYC ministries tell the story of the Lord’s faithfulness in blessing our efforts. We have trained more than 500,000 youth leaders on 5 continents…in 50 countries…with 150 years of experience.

Our passion continues and our calling is clear. We all subscribe to the GYC’s Statement of Faith.



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About Reach Out

Reach Out Youth Solutions equips and multiplies leaders globally who influence the younger generation to follow Jesus.


Reach Out follows a distinctive, 3-stage relational process for multiplying—both through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry ONLINE and in-person training:

  • Introduce… a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum launches the process
  • Implement… a one-year coaching process with various options follows the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum
  • Multiply… those who implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry equip and multiply others. Repeated over time, more and more trained leaders and churches multiply as they reach and disciple teenagers.

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry offers both in-person and online training for youth leaders, parents, churches, and various other organizations who have a heart to reach the younger generation for Jesus.

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About globalLead

At globalLead, we know that a long-term training strategy is the best approach to have a deep and widening impact. We partner with groups of strategic ministry leaders in denominational or national church alliances that are looking to develop an entire group of Christian youth leaders, or entire church leadership teams, in order to create a team of trainers within their existing structure so that the multiplication of youth, adult leadership, and soul care cohorts can occur with and through local leaders.

With more than 25 years of experience in over 50 countries with more than 25,000 participants, globalLead offers online and face-to-face ministry strategy trainings and soul care in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication.

Training and Personal Soul Care:
globalLead’s team offers face-to-face and online training opportunities for both ministry strategy and personal soul care in various languages. Sessions include Biblical foundations, practical application (discussions with peers), and planning with your team-based goals.


  • Serves those in ministry of all ages through online and face-to-face trainings and soul care mentorship to position Christian leaders for multiplication.
  • Strategic Seminar Trainings (Church Ministry and Youth Ministry)
  • Soul Care Conferences online and face-to-face for all ministry leaders.

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About First Priority Global

First Priority Global is a Church-based, School-focused, Student-led, Adult-coached ministry that… 

  • Unites the Body of Christ in a Community;
  • Uses a proven Great Commission strategy;
  • Trains Young People as Leaders;
  • Establishes School-based and/or Community-based Clubs;
  • Focuses on the School Campus as a Mission field;
  • Reaches the Next Generation with the Hope of Christ;
  • Emphasizes Ministry, Evangelism, & Discipleship.


First Priority Global offers both in-person and online training for Adult Youth Leaders, Young People, School Teachers, Prayer Intercessors, Business Leaders, Community Leaders, Parents, Pastors, & Churches.

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About Global Youth Ministry

Global Youth Ministry helps guide church leaders and young people to develop effective youth ministry for the local church that is Bible-based and relevant to their cultural setting.


We use a variety of strategies to train local church youth groups to be effective and productive in developing leaders for this generation and the next through:

  • Youth camps and retreats that also feature leadership development for young leaders and volunteer youth leaders.
  • Youth Ministry training conferences to train local church youth groups and volunteers with simple and effective strategies to reach and disciple young people.
  • Global Institute semester and year-long training and discipleship for future youth ministry and missions leaders at our campus atop Fort Mountain in Georgia, USA.
  • Long-term Mentoring of youth leaders, both on location and online.

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About East-West

East-West’s Global Youth Engagement focuses on pursuing the East-West vision with a desire to reach and disciple the younger generation: to glorify God by multiplying followers of Jesus in the spiritually darkest areas of the world.

We pursue this vision for the younger generation by mobilizing the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached.


Global Youth Engagement offers this proven training and the resources developed over 45 years of youth ministry experience in over 30 countries globally.

This training and resources offer a simple, practical strategy for equipping and multiplying younger generation disciples developed in conjunction with Reach Out Youth Solutions. Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry provides youth leaders with the tools to:

  • Go deeper with Christ
  • Pray with passion
  • Build leaders
  • Disciple students
  • Penetrate the campus
  • Create outreach opportunities

You can engage in this equipping/multiplying strategy and its resources both ONLINE and IN PERSON. You can email them directly at:

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About Great Commission Youth Ministry

Great Commission Youth Ministry exists to equip church Youth Leaders to evangelize and disciple the world’s youth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, guided by the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The vision of Great Commission Youth Ministry consultancy is to assist Christian leaders in understanding that the Great Commission should, by-in-large, be a Youth movement that is constantly reaching, discipline, and mentoring the youth generation in every people group of the world.

We pursue this vision for the younger generation by mobilizing the Body of Christ to evangelize the lost and equip local believers to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached.


  • Provide Church leadership consultation that equips and trains Christian Youth Leaders on how to establish a Great Commission Youth Ministry in their church.
  • Provide mission agencies with the strategies needed to focus on youth ministry efforts to evangelize and disciple the youth generation
  • Provide the youth with opportunities and training in order to become spiritually mature disciples of Jesus and become disciple-makers themselves.
  • Teach Youth Leaders and youth to become “World Christians.” A “World Christian” is someone who balances the Great Commission with the Great Commandments in their daily walk with Christ.
  • “Train the Trainers” of youth leaders for the multiplication of quality church youth leaders through all means possible while never compromising the Scriptures.
  • Assist youth leaders and training schools with providing textbooks for training.
  • Provide translation and printing of Youth Ministry training books and resources in native languages.
  • Recruit and provide Youth Ministry trainers for local and international youth conferences and adjunct professors/teachers for local and international seminaries and Bible colleges.

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