Head, Heart, and then Hands

a silhouette of a head, heart, and then hands At globalLead, we are focused on teaching Biblical truth, having a heart-engaged lifestyle, and then jumping into action in ministry. It is a matter of head, heart, and then hands.

Head: Biblical Truth

In a world focusing first on practical ideas and churches leaning toward pragmatism, globalLead starts and ends with truth—truth that follows the inerrancy and authority of the Bible for life and ministry. Everything we have in our curriculums starts with Biblical truth. Without a firm foundation in unchanging truths, it is easy to develop ministry plans, trainings, and practical programs that are built upon business or marketing models, versus God’s models from Scripture. We are committed to thinking and acting Biblically and to ensuring that everything we teach is based upon Scripture. No other body of information can impact the magnitude of cultural differences over a multitude of generations.

Heart: Ministry from the Inside Out

In order to have integrity in ministry, leaders must have hearts of integrity (not perfection, but right direction). Our trainings are built upon right knowledge, but they only work when leaders have a right heart. We engage the inner life of leaders in each of our trainings. We discuss their motivations, own spiritual growth, and the importance of having a balanced life. Reminding them of their personal walk with God, we emphasize that we must look to Jesus. Truly, He was a minister, He finished well, and He was daily dependent on His Father through prayer and personal communion.

While we integrate heart-level discussions in our skill-based trainings, we also offer an intense event called the Heart of The Leader. (Note the capitalized T in “The”, signifying starting with the heart of Christ, The Leader. He is the exemplary model for us as Christian leaders.) Many people speak of following Jesus’ example for outward ministry, but we take it a step further to look at His example for our personal, spiritual soul care. We not only offer this for others, but we engage these areas with our directors and staff as well, in order to model Scripture’s teachings.

Hands: Putting Biblical Truth and Heart-Engaged Lifestyle into Actions

Most trainings start with the hands. We train leaders for action—but only after we build their head and heart foundations upon truth. Over the decades, people have told us they deeply appreciate us requiring they make a plan for their ministry. Unfortunately, leaders often receive trainings filled with good ideas but find themselves not fully implementing them in the months afterward. We are different at globalLead, due to our intentional goal-setting and follow-up. All of our trainings have times and forms for leaders to write out their future plans in detail. We require them to write out their plans. We then review these plans and reevaluate them in future follow-up trainings. It is a great encouragement. I like to say we are more concerned about what happens during the other 51 weeks after a week of trainings!

This blog is taken from a ministry update sent out by Chris Davis, Executive Director of globalLead. Learn more about this organization here: GLOBALLEAD.WORLD

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