taking ministry training to the uttermost parts

To the Uttermost Parts

As followers of Jesus Christ, it is an honor to be a part of making disciples among the nations, even to the uttermost parts of the world. The greatest part of serving with First Priority is coming alongside those who are serious about fulfilling this Great Commission among the Next Generation in their nation. For many, there can be a high price to pay for simply being obedient to what Christ has called us to do.

The last 3 months have further proven that God has so many incredible servants in this world. They love young people and are eager to reach them with the Gospel. They are empowered to equip them to be disciple-makers among their own generation. Our First Priority team is honored to offer a simple yet powerful strategy to these amazing disciple-makers. In each nation, we assist them in raising the next generation to become Missionaries and Ministers to their friends.

Since our last newsletter, First Priority Global has collectively trained new leaders in each of our 6 regions where we have a presence. And how beautiful is it that nationals who live in those nations or regions are leading the training. We praise God for that reality!

First Priority Underground

Please be in prayer with us for the Middle East and North Africa. This is the region I am currently serving. But, war has once again made life and ministry there very difficult for so many. As we wait on God’s timing to introduce our strategy to more nations here, our team is working on a strategic project: First Priority Underground. What is First Priority Underground? The First Priority Strategy in a small group discipleship model for the underground church. For churches that exist in highly persecuted places in our world. Our prayer is that this model of First Priority will be a blessing to youth who gather in secret for worship and discipleship because it is illegal to do so in public. In parts of the Middle East and North Africa, this is how followers of Jesus Christ must gather each week.

First Priority Underground is something our Middle East and North Africa Team will be creating for the next few months. And we will enlist the help of those who are or who have been a part of the underground church. Please pray that our team will be led by the Holy Spirit as we create. As we develop this important resource, pray God will use it to make disciples of the Next Generation to the uttermost parts. Thank you for working with us.

This blog is taken from a ministry update sent out by Brian Waters, a Regional Director with First Priority Global. Learn more about this organization here: FIRSTPRIORITY.GLOBAL

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